Trumble Rumbles, winning VP ED

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Photos by Elliot Westacott

After weeks of build up and preparation to elections night, Olly Trumble was duly elected into the position of Vice-President of Events and Democracy.

There was only one round of voting with 2,510 votes cast. RON received 112 votes, Andy Barnett received 412 votes and James Davies received 602 votes while Olly Trumble took the position with 1,203 votes. The announcement was met with rapturous applause from his supporters in the large crowd at The Sugarhouse.

Some of Trumble’s policies during his campaign have included creating a ‘buzz’ around campus in order to get more people involved with the democratic side of LUSU. He also aims to help relations with Lancaster’s campuses internationally; a movement that has already undergone plans for this coming summer. In addition, Trumble hopes to get the Union officers out of the bunker and spend time talking to people, be it in lecture theatres, bars, or in Alexander Square once the rejuvenation has been completed.

When asked about the first move he would try to make when he comes into office next year, Trumble said, “Well one of the parts of my manifesto is making the Students’ Union more engaging and more visible, so I think one of the key priorities is going to be communication with the students. Making sure that the FTO officers are visible and that people know who they are and what they can do for the students.” When asked to look back on the campaign and mention anything he’d do differently he said “It’s not possible to meet all the students in the two weeks [prior to election]. I’d like to meet more students, but that’s something I’m able to do now with this role.”

When asked about how he felt to have won he replied “Ecstatic, and kind of relieved as well because it’s been a really nerve-racking process, the whole thing”. After two weeks of contesting with Barnett and Davies, Trumble was then asked how he felt about the competition: “Seriously good competition” Trumble responded. He went on to say “Both of the other candidates put up a really good fight. It was incredibly nerve-racking because they’ve both been fantastic candidates, but I’m glad it’s finished now and I’m really looking forward to getting on with the job.”

Current VP FEDS Matt Windsor who announced the result was asked what he thought of the contest, saying “I thought they were three really good campaigns. Congratulations to Olly for winning, I think he did deserve it, but that’s not to say the others didn’t put in an equal amount of effort. Good luck to them whatever they may do and they shouldn’t feel too disheartened.”

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