Appeal for witness

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PC Gary Wynne, the constable responsible for Lancaster’s campus has recently issued a witness appeal. A purse was stolen from the University library on Thursday, Week 12 at approximately 1.15pm from underneath a computer desk on the B floor. As there were four other bays in the vicinity and someone was sitting in one, PC Wynne is trying to locate this individual. He is believed to be a young male, and could have important information about other people moving throughout the area. PC Wynne urges this male to contact him if he believes he could be that individual.

In addition, there were two suspicious males in the vicinity. They are believed to be Scottish due to their accents and both approximately 40-60 years of age. The first male is thought to have had slicked back brown hair, glasses, wearing a white top with a lump or growth on his face. The other male was bald or shaven, also wearing a white top and carrying a rucksack. The first male is thought to be around 5’7” and the second male is believed to be taller.

Moreover, both males were spotted in the sports hall that day. PC Wynne advises that you contact him at the Lancaster Police Station if you think you saw either man around campus, in the library on in the sports hall that day.

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