Can the Lancaster nightlife ever lose its appeal?

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Freshers’ Week is a distant memory and the hype of experiencing Lancaster’s nightlife has long gone. So, the question is, will a night out on the tiles ever loose its appeal here in Lancaster?

Some people may argue that small, sleepy, old Lancaster’s nightlife is too limited, with only a handful of clubs, expensive bars and unwelcome pubs. For the clubbing fanatics among us it can arguably become monotonous and unexciting when you’re visiting the same places week in and week out. For all those people who have passed the half way point of their degrees, the repetitive rituals of pre-drinks can become, in one word, standard. Meeting in the kitchen to play a half-hearted game of ‘Ring of Fire’ with the same people makes everyone very nostalgic, thinking about when it was fun back in fresher’s week.

Then there’s ringing for a taxi so many times that the number may as well be on your speed dial, before getting into Lancaster to be hit by the huge queue outside the club. Even when you get in, you know which room plays your sort of music and ignore the other room(s) and the people dancing away with their inferior music tastes. You know the drink prices off by heart, or know that you’ll be ordering your favourite drink, a Stiff ‘Un or a Shagga springs to mind, but which are arguably overpriced. To put the icing on the cake, you finish your night sat in the same old take-away, staring blankly at your cheeseburger as you think of that essay deadline looming.

But have no fear, you can relive those wonderful days of being a fresher. Firstly, although small, Lancaster does offer lots of variation. This year alone LA1 has become Swank, Revs has taken over Thursdays, and Sugarhouse hires a retro photo-booth and a rodeo surf board. Clubs organise balloon drops, Wi-Fi discos, £1000 give-aways and different themed fancy dress nights. There are also always different people you can go out with by organising a lads’ or girls’ nights out, being invited to friend’s birthdays or general house parties. Remember it’s not where you go, but who you go with that makes your night one to remember. Furthermore, there’s nothing to say you can’t relive that fresher spirit any time of the year with a spontaneous night out. The curse of living in town, which I’ve experienced before, is that you can easily be persuaded to go out at the last minute and have a great night. Despite having the full intentions of an early night to make sure you get to that nine o’clock seminar in the morning. The lack of sleep and early start the next day has always been worth it.

Lancaster may be limited but don’t let this put you off, with hundreds of people planning a night out and with flat parties on and off campus, there are many reasons to go out and have fun. Like I said, it’s not where you go, but who you go with. With so many people coming back to the university after they’ve graduated as visitors, employees or post-grads, Lancaster is obviously doing something right.

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