Poker Society Play Their Hand in Competition

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From April 5-7, Lancaster University Poker Society (LUPS) will be heading to Birmingham Broadway Casino to take part in a poker competition.

The competition is one of the largest student poker competitions in the United Kingdom. A LUPS society member who will be attending the competition, Elliott Westacott explained that the overall “winner of the tournament will win a $12,500 package to go to America and play in the World Series of Poker main event – the biggest tournament on the planet”.  This tournamant will see the 1st place winner “reign in around $10,000,000 – $15,000,000 in winnings, playing against the best players in the world” he went on. Lancaster University will be aiming to take around 10-15 of its best players to Birmingham, and “hopefully one of us will take it on” he continued.

The UK Student Poker Championship’s (UKSPC) website explains that the strucure of the event allows time for alot of play and is “a really enjoyable few days”. The 420 students taking part will be split into two days (April 5 and 6) with 40 students from each day making it into the final day (April 7). Birmingham Broadway Casino has also played host to the event for the past few years.

Members of the LUPS are also currently planning a trip to Vegas in the summertime, in “the hopes of big profits and hilarious stories” Westacott enthused. During this time a 24-hour cash game is also planned, where 6-8 players have to demonstrate endurance and skill by playing the game for 24 hours non-stop, without leaving.

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