York on top in the Men’s Indoor Hockey Seconds

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A promising performance from Lancaster was unable to prevent them faltering to a 5-2 loss in the Men’s Indoor Hockey seconds.

The game began with an extremely strong York attack and Lancaster did well to defend against it. Despite best efforts, the home side got the first point from a shot at goal by Corun Cutts.

This attacking start from the opposition was followed by a further goal from York’s Duncan Sills following an impressive display from both sides. Unluckily, this was shortly followed by another goal when York were awarded a penalty flick by the referee and consequently saw it through to a goal.

Nonetheless, all hope was not lost as Lancaster began demonstrating their attacking flair. Thomas Gordon from the Lancaster team fought back against the score line to decrease the deficit of points to just two. However, the same player was then sent off to the sin bin.

When Gordon returned, in a midst of frustrating play, Lancaster’s Jack Palm was also sent off hampering the team’s efforts. By simply having more players on the court, York had a clear advantage.

The home-side employed this benefit and used the time to score again to make it 4-1 courtesy of York’s number eight. In response to this, Lancaster’s attacking play – despite being one man down – resulted in a penalty flick to the away-side, of which Thomas Gordon saw through to make the score 4-2.

However, it simply was too late to make a difference. Before the end of the game, the York number eight found goal again, making the final score 5-2 to the White Rose.

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