York’s Women win comfortably against Lancaster in indoor football

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York’s dominance in the match began right from the off with captain number 6 leading by example. The hosts’ captain was excellent on the ball, creating chances left right and centre.

It was number six herself who broke the deadlock in the fifth minute, turning well and placing an excellent shot into the bottom left corner.

Shortly after a slight scare, in which Lancaster’s Murphy hit the bar, York scored again – number fifteen this time, stroling through the defence to tap in York’s second. Lancaster took their time to get into the game, yet when they finally found some openings, they were thwarted by York’s keeper, who was superb in the first half.

The second half began like the first, with York’s captain scoring her second and her team’s third. This seemed to be a wake up call to Lancaster, as the away side finally managed to beat York’s keeper – a simple finish by Lancaster’s Williamson.

This led to another goal just seconds later when York’s keeper, who had been brilliant until then, spilt McDivit’s shot. Like so many matches at the Roses this year, Lancaster looked as though they might provide a late comeback.

However, it was the white rose that prevailed with a flurry of lates goals, including two by York’s captain to make her total – four and her team’s total – six. Lancaster added a consolation goal near the end but it was too little too late for the visitors in red, as York won 6-3.

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