Women’s Volleyball unable to move determined York

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After a hard fought battle against York in the Volleyball, Lancaster lost 3-0.

The team started strong with lots of enthusiasm and determination; however York had the edge throughout with Lancaster unable to take the lead. Both teams showed promising play with strong rallies and passes from every player. The score remained tight throughout the game with York only ever leading by a maximum of three points. However, York managed to take advantage, leaving the final score of the first set 25-16.

Lancaster came back fighting strong for the second set taking an instant lead. However, once again, York were quick to up their game, taking the score to a draw. York took a drastic lead with powerful passes that Lancaster were unable to return, taking the score to 11-4. Lancaster showed their fighting spirit and managed to gain back a few points, however the second set ended 25-18.

All was to play for in the third set for Lancaster to stay in with a winning chance; however York proved to strong and hard to defeat. This set was the closest of them all with the final score 25-21.

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