The perfect girls’ night in

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There are many things we like to leave behind in our youth, such as school discos, our obsession with Barbies and our disgust at boys. However the one classic which refuses to budge is the girl’s night in. It may have evolved from a girly sleepover but the main ingredients are still there. We still want to sing aloud to our favourite cheesy songs, spend the night in our pyjamas and though we now have different views on boys, they still dominate our conversations. Okay, a bottle of wine may now be more suitable for getting a bit giddy than a big bottle of Coca Cola, and a large box of nice chocolates seems more appealing than pick and mix, but the idea of a night spent with the girls catching up on the gossip doesn’t get much better.

This may sound cliché but for me nothing seems to beat the classic girls’ night in. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the company of guys, but some topics of conversation cannot be shared with them without resulting in either shocked or highly confused faces. Your girls, however, will love to share in your confessions of drunken mishaps and your latest dramas. To make a girls’ night even better you can turn your living room into a mini spa by investing in a few beauty products and digging out your nail polishes. With deadlines and exams creeping up on us we rarely have time to sit down and pamper ourselves, and sharing it with the girls will make what usually seems like a chore turn into something which can be enjoyed together. So let’s gather up our favourite ladies, don the PJs and prepare for a night of full on pampering and chatter – no boys allowed!

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