Lancaster foxtrot their way to two points


Lancaster’s Ben Marshall and Alice Burrow take to the floor. Photo by Lauren Hirst

Lancaster University Ballroom Dancing Society waltzed their way to a victory in the Beginners Latin and the Advanced Ballroom bringing home two points for Lancaster. York Dance Sports were announced as the winners of the Advanced Latin and Beginners Ballroom making the competition a tie with the final score ending on Lancaster 2 York 2.


The dancing competition was divided into four categories; Ballroom and Latin which was further sub-divided into beginner and advanced level. The competition began with a traditional walk-on where the competitors of all standards can join together as a welcome to the audience and an introduction to the rival team. Lancaster was up first and combined an array of different dance disciplines from tap to classical ballet to break dancing. The contemporary music had the audience cheering and clapping along as the dance team twisted, sprung and glided around the dance floor. York decided to go for a more traditional approach for the walk-on performing a sequence of different styles of ballroom dancing in unison.

The Beginners Ballroom was up first with dances in the Waltz and Quickstep followed by the advanced Ballroom which included the Waltz, Quickstep and Foxtrot. The standard was high but it was the dancing duo, Philip Rawcliffe and Hannah Roberts, who shone through and danced their way to first place in both the Advanced Quickstep and Foxtrot. Their Quickstep routine could not be faltered with smooth flowing movements in both their footwork and arm movement.

Team captain Jodie Waggoner and her partner, Andrew Pickup, were awarded first place in the Advanced Waltz after an effortless routine which was performed with elegance and grace. Their victory along with Rawcliffe and Roberts meant that Lancaster were at the top of the table in all three Advanced Ballroom competitions earning one point for Lancaster. However, York quickly brought the score to a level footing after winning a point in the Beginners Ballroom.

The competition then moved on to the Latin disciplines with the Advanced Cha Cha, Samba and Jive and the Beginners Cha Cha and Samba. The judge, Brian Thompson, appeared to be enjoying the event as he could witnessed on numerous occasions bopping along to the music whilst marking the dancing couples.

It was a close competition with both sides having strong contenders for first, second and third place. Tension was high as the results were revealed. Lancaster climbed ahead again taking one point for the Beginners Latin but York equalised within minutes when the results were announced for the Advanced Latin making the final score Lancaster 2 York 2. Double winners, Rawcliffe and Roberts picked up another trophy after winning first place in the Advanced Samba. The dancing couple was clearly delighted with the result with the Lancaster crowd going wild when their third victory was announced.

Team captain, Waggoner, commented: “We have done really well today and everyone has danced amazingly. Overall we drew which is better than previous years and is a great way to end the year. I’m really proud of everyone who took part.”

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