Lancaster triumph in women’s rugby 7’s

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1st team:
Lancaster triumphed against York with an overall score of 17-5.

Despite a slow start for Lancaster, with York scoring the first try only a few minutes in; Lancaster managed to secure their win with a strong defence side, not allowing York to take advantage.

Lancaster soon found their rhythm with some strong tackling, managing to hold York back. Alex Simpson scored the first try for Lancaster, bringing the game to a draw. Jessica Sippits showed excellent play throughout the game, with her strong tackling and ability to drive the team forward. There was some good team work between Alex Simpson and Ellie Sutherland. With Simpson’s speed and accuracy avoiding York’s defence, Sutherland pushed forward and scored the second try. Lancaster scored the first conversion, ensuring an early lead and bringing the score to 12-5 at half-time.

The second half saw the team attempt to score another try, however York’s defence proved to be too strong. Some great support from the team allowed Ellie Sutherland to push forward once again, despite York’s powerful defence, and score a third and final try. A second conversion for Lancaster brought the final score to 17-5.

Despite being away from home, Lancaster’s supporters were in full force on the side-lines showing great team morale. Captain of the team, Robyn Smyth said “it was a perfect start to roses, it shows we are not taking last year’s draw lying down. We are here to get three wins”.

2nd team:
Another victory for Lancaster seconds with a score of 21-5.

Lancaster immediately showed a promising start, with the team pushing forward and putting pressure on York. A strong tackle from Debbie Hunt blocked York’s attack. The team worked effectively together making good use of the pitch, and their attacking skills were highlighted by Hunt securing the first try for Lancaster. The first conversion was scored by Louise Abbott, pushing Lancaster into the lead.

Lancaster managed to keep attacking York, leading to a second try from Louise Abbott, who also then scored the second conversion. The score at half-time was 14-0 to Lancaster.

York came back fighting in the second half, scoring a try within minutes. However Lancaster managed to widen the gap again with Claire Vincent scoring their third try. Lancaster continued to defend well, with York making several attempts to score to no avail, giving Lancaster the game.

Team captain Catherine Forsyth said, “I couldn’t be more proud to play on a team with such a great group of girls”. Lancaster remained in high spirits throughout, with spectators avidly supporting the team allowing for an excellent start to Women’s rugby and for Lancaster’s victory as a whole.

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