Oche women romp to victory

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Lancaster women’s darts team scored a convincing victory in front of a bumper crowd in Derwent bar. They got off to a strong start and established a 3-0 lead before withstanding two York fight backs to claim four points for Lancaster and delay York’s Roses victory.

Game 1: Frances Bennett (Y) 0–2 Georgie Mitchell (L)

Mitchell took to the stage the immense pressure of trying to set a positive tone for the Lancaster team. And she made a solid if unspectacular start to the leg, keeping pace with Bennett. She held her advantage of throwing first and narrowly missed out on double 19, eventually taking out double eight to take the first leg.

The second leg was more comfortable for Mitchell who was always ahead of her opponent after starting off with a solid 60. The leg was secured in amazing style, with 160 remaining Mitchell hit an audacious three double tops to leave 40; which she predictably checked out first time. The crowd erupted in appreciation and the manner of the victory must have rattled York’s captain.

Game 2: Amanda Barnes (Y) 0–2 Hayley Smith (L)

Smith was named second, looking to build on the perfect start made by Lancaster. Barnes started nervously and struggled to get two darts in the 20 as Smith compiled a series of scores which put her in the ascendency, the double six giving Smith the first leg.

The second leg followed a similar pattern with Smith taking advantage of throwing first to find herself 152 ahead with tops remaining. Although the doubles took a while, the tricky double five was nailed to win the second leg and take the match.

Game 3: Emma Howarth (Y) 0–2 Nicola Williams (L)

Williams came to the oche with her team in a strong position and with the chance to throw first. As was now the norm, Williams raced into a 100 lead and took out the double 12 with the minimum of fuss to go 1-0 up.

Although Howarth managed to make a contest of the second leg, Williams was never in danger of losing. A superb 117 left her on double one and despite some nervous looking attempts she checked out with Howarth still trailing.

Game 4: Zoe Paine (Y) 2–0 Poppy Mylroie (L)

Next up for a Lancaster side 3-0 up and yet to drop a leg was Poppy Mylroie. Both players scored at a healthy rate thanks to a couple of trebles each, however it was Paine that held her throw taking out double nine.

Although Mylroie battled back in the second leg she was let down by her doubles and allowed Paine one chance too many. This proved to be decisive as Paine checked out on double six to give York some hope with the overall score at 3-1 to Lancaster.

Game 5: Abby Scott (Y) 2–1 Jenny Glover (L)

Glover was faced with the task of keeping Lancaster in the ascendency and had the darts against Scott. The York player took a commanding lead throughout the leg only to allow Glover a chance on her doubles. Unfortunately Glover bust her score and allowed Scott to hold her nerve and clinch a tricky double three.

However, Glover put this disappointment behind her to take the second leg after taking out double one.

The third was a tenser affair with both players missing numerous opportunities at double one. It was Scott that held her nerve to take the leg and bring York back to within one game.

Game 6: Emma Simpson (Y) 0–2 Claire Walker (L)

With the score getting closer and the York support now increasingly vocal, Walker faced the unenviable task of getting Lancaster back on track. To add to the tension both players reached their doubles at the same time, with Walker first to strike; hitting double eight.

Both upped their scoring in the second leg with steady 45s the order of the day. Once again Walker was able to dig deep and use her favoured side of the board to find the double nine.

Game 7: Hannah Burke (Y) 2–1 Emma Geraghty (L)

With Lancaster just one game away from reaching the magic five mark and taking the contest it was Geraghty next up. She served notice of intent with a fine 76 start and proceeded to power 250 ahead of the low scoring Burke. Despite such a mammoth lead, double trouble let Burke back in and she stole a leg on double two.

In the second leg both players reached their doubles at the same time and it descended into a war of attrition, which Geraghty won thanks to a double one.

Burke was now under huge pressure with this leg crucial to York’s hopes of victory in the women’s darts. Despite this she raised her scoring and proved lethal again on the double one to keep York alive in the contest.

Game 8: Luiza Georgia (Y) 0–2 Aimee Hopper (L)

With York once again clawing themselves to within a game of Lancaster it was up to Hopper to try and extinguish their charge. The first leg proved a nail biter as Hopper’s composure shone through as she found the double one.

In the crucial second leg Hopper upped the scoring rate and notched a vital ton to march into the lead. She was able to maintain this advantage and finished well to give Lancaster an unassailable 5-3 lead and send half of the crowd wild.

Game 9: Bex Hudson (Y) 0–2 Emily Smith (L)

Smith had the ideal position of taking to the stage with the contest already won. And she made good use of the situation taking the first leg with ease with a 36 check out.

The second proved to be the most protracted of the evening as both players struggled to hit the double one. Thankfully with the MC struggling for breath Smith checked out and gave the overall score a touch of gloss.

Lancaster’s captain, Poppy Mylroie, should be proud of her team who produced a polished performance under the pressure of the Roses environment. The vocal support of the team and the Lancaster travelling fans was no doubt spurred the ladies on to their great success.

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