Extrav: Cartmel Strikes Back

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“Cartmel will be celebrating everything that is great and good in the world of science fiction as Cartmel gets is transformed into a sci-fi heaven”, says Cartmel President, Jasmine Blakemore.

Cartmel Extrav will be appealing to both “geeky and non-geeky students” and also meaning that it will be very “different from past extravs and social events we’ve had in the past.” Another advantage of paying tribute to the sci-fi genre is that it provides an ample opportunity for a many weird and wonderful costume choices. According to Blakemore, she’s heard of people dressing as Daleks, Doctor Who villains and apparently someone may even go as Portal turret. No doubt there will also be a few Star Wars characters walking about on the night.

Another crucial aspect of any extrav is the musical acts that will be taking to the stage. These include The God’s of Rock whom play a wide range of music ranging from AC-DC, Gun’s ‘N’ Roses to Lady Gaga. There will also be a number of local acts The Yuppies and Our Day Remains. However, the main frontline act is an indie-rock band called Brave Yesterday, a band who are playing on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury this year. Like last year, there will also be acoustic acts throughout the night playing in the JCR, for those who want to chill out for a bit during the extrav.

Cartmel Extrav promises to be a unique and fun experience which will appeal to all students of all interests and also also suit practically all music tastes. Blakemore also hints that there will be an “attraction or two” and that those attending Cartmel Extrav should keep an eye on the Facebook event for more details to later be released.


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