Extrav: Fylde’s Cirque du Soleil Part II


Fylde plans to re-live the magic created over half a decade ago with the original Cirque du Soleil Extrav, by hosting the sequel, Cirque du Soleil Part II. Only this year it will be back; bigger and better than ever before.

Fylde common room will be transformed into a silent disco where all you circus acts out there can dance the night away. The main stage will host a variety of musical talents including the winners of Fylde’s heat of Battle of the Bands, Tailored to Fit. October Skies will also be performing and are a sure hit to keep the circus vibe in full swing. The night will come to a close with a monster two hour set by a mystery DJ.

Any details concerning the decoration and transformation of the Fylde bar and outdoor area is a close kept secret but SCAN has been informed that their elaborate plans include an elephant in the room. So it’s fair to say that Fylde’s bar and outdoor area will be extravagant to say the least. But until the big night, all you can do is sit and eagerly wait for the Fylde extravaganza but make sure you are prepared to expect the unexpected. The only promise is that entertainment will be of an extreme nature which is sure to amaze, astonish and astound its spectators.

Fylde President, Ste Smith, said: “Students should pick Fylde because we have a good reputation for providing a fantastic night at our Extravs”.

Fylde Vice President, James Mitchell, added: “I think that most students last year were of the opinion that Fylde’s Extrav was the best so with the experience of last year’s Extrav, a few adjustments and careful planning Cirque Du Fylde Part II is set to be the most memorable Extrav of 2011.”


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