Women’s Rugby scoop team of the year award

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The Sports Awards, an event to recognise the efforts of Lancaster’s sportsmen, was held on Wednesday, Week Eight. The event was host by Marc Handley LUSU Vice President (Sports) as well as Inter College Sports Officers Erin Royale and Dean Crabbe.

There was a good turnout at the event, attendees struggling to find seating. The first awards to be given out were for Inter College sports including the winners of Netball A and B, Football A and B and the Football Cup. Following this, the awards for the George Wyatt League Trophy were distributed, which included events such as Men’s and Women’s Darts, Dominoes and Men’s and Women’s Pool. The Carter Shield consists of events such as Aeroball, Dodgeball, Volleyball and Rounders. The winner of this year’s Carter Shield was Fylde, who won Aeroball, Tag Rugby, Tug of War, Uni Hockey and Women’s Indoor Football.

There were also several separate awards given out at this year’s awards, including the Mike Speak Award for Contribution to Sport, and the Angie Park Award, for outstanding contribution to LUSU Sport. The Mike Speak Award is named after the deputy director of the then Centre for Physical Education between 1972 and 1987. Amy Fowler, the winner of this year’s award partook in took sports whilst being a member of the exec for both. The winner of the Angie Park Award was Gary Atkinson, the Grounds Maintenance Supervisor of ten years. Angie Park, who presented the award to Atkinson, said that he should be appreciated for “relentlessly repair[ing] the sports pitches” and that he “always goes the extra mile”.

However, the highlight of the awards was the most coveted award; Club of the Year. The nominees for the award were American Football, Netball, Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee and Women’s Rugby. It was revealed that the winners were Women’s Rugby, a team who are regarded as “one of the most vibrant and engaging of our clubs”.

In a statement the team said: “A huge thank you to you all for the last year and putting us forward for the award.Having had the most successful season the club has seen in years, we are thrilled to take away an award to show that our success has been recognised and the progress we have made.

“The girls have dedicated time and effort into the team. Not only in training and matches but behind the side lines. The third year girl leaving this year started two seasons ago with seven members remaining in the team. They set the  standard of dedication loyalty and respect our members have for one another.”

They added: “We are so grateful for those who voted for us and hope next year we can finish another year with a great season and continue to work along side other clubs.”

The final award of the evening was the Vice President’s Award, which is given by Handley to the team he believed had exceeded in all aspects of their operation throughout the academic year. The winners this year were Lancaster’s American Football team, the Lancaster Bombs, who were recognised for dramatically improving the team this year.

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  1. Definitely deserved by women’s rugby, top effort. Although it’s a shame this article follows the awards themselves and puts precedent over things like inter-collegiate dominoes whilst barely acknowledging the supposed high accolades (I believe someone was awarded full colours for representing not only the uni but the country?)

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