Ignite the light this bonfire night

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You’re stood in front of the wardrobe, you’re late already but you have to make the agonizing decision between spending the night shivering or risking embarrassment dressed in that hand knitted Christmas jumper from the back of your wardrobe. It’s an impossible decision, but one you can avoid making; you can look good and stay warm this bonfire night!

Research shows that the body feels warmer when the feet are kept toasty. Wellies sound like a good idea, especially if you’ll be in a muddy field, but unless your wellies are fleece lined or you have some industrially thick socks the cold will seep through the plastic. Instead leather boots will keep you much warmer, and look effortlessly stylish, although if they’ve got a heel you risk getting stuck in the mud which is never a good look!

Jeans seem like a great shout, but if it rains (an inevitability with it being Lancaster, let’s be honest) they become one of the most uncomfortable items of clothing known to man. Instead try leggings (the close fitting fabric traps a layer of warm air next to your skin) or trousers not made from denim which will cling less when wet.

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Wearing layers is always a good idea; each layer traps another insulating layer of warmth. Layers are also one of those key trends that appear every autumn; mixing textures is a stylish way of keeping warm and layering without that marshmallow effect that comes from wearing too many jumpers. A soft chiffon top worn under a chunky knit for example speaks of effortless glam, you can even add a camisole underneath for extra warmth. For guys, layering a t-shirt under a shirt with a cardigan or hoodie over the top will keep you warm without the bulk.

It’s also worth investing in a proper winter coat. A good quality coat in a classic style will last you years, it’s definitely worth paying a little bit extra for quality here. A thick woollen trench coat is a good style for everybody as are duffle coats and military styles. Spend a while trying on different styles to find one that really suits you, a good coat should flatter and fit well. It’s a good idea to avoid striking colours as you want a coat to suit all your clothes. A simple, classic style will last a lot longer than heavily patterned or embellished coats, which may only stay in fashion for one season.

Accessorises can be stylishly practical too. You don’t have to wear fleece or ‘grandma-knitted’ (although this is highly on trend at the moment); lots of high-street shops sell lovely woollen scarves for guys and girls and pashminas are surprisingly warm. As for hats, if you’re not a bobble hat person experiment with other types of hats, trilbys for example are making a comeback this season. Gloves are a bonfire night essential, especially if you’re holding food, drink or the all important sparkler!

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