Vintage victory

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With limited availability of new clothing lines, Lancaster shopping opportunities can often be thin on the ground . It seems many of us at have been caught in the same outfit as someone nearby on a night out, due to having both popped to the local River Island the day before. To bring a bit more adventure to your outfit, look for some vintage va va voom, with the chance to delve into classic and contemporary lifestyle at new vintage fairs coming into focus in Lancaster.

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Fashionistas will find a treasure trove of fashion gold at the principal upcoming vintage fair ‘Judy’s’. Look for typical vintage finds such as tea dresses, retro prints and long-lasting leather belts, which are sure to be plentiful, but remember that vintage shopping is not just about channelling the typical cute, flowery vibe. Some of the best finds in shops and fairs are grungy t-shirts and oversized denim shirts and jackets, purposely built to be long-lasting (keep an eye out for original Levi’s). Sometimes, with vintage flair, also comes practicality.

Private eye…

…spy for accessories that will make a range of outfits look more unique. Pocket watches, brooches, pendants, furs and quirky rings will be rife at these kinds of events. Easy as it is to attract fashion magpies to the sparkles, remember to think about the quality of jewellery and accessories in front of you. If one does not shop vintage with sensibility it can often end in damaged goods that are difficult to replace or get refunded, especially as some will be cash only transactions with no receipt. Ensure that stones set into pendants are secure and that brooch clasps are sturdy, for long lasting impact.

Attention to detail…

…is the key to handbag shopping. Keep in mind that poor stitching, or frayed edges cannot be easily fixed and DIY repair is not recommended. Leather often needs special treatment, and will add extra cost to your purchase. Some bags may seem slightly worn or have a dulled colour; this is easier to tackle, as leather can be buffed, or taken to a cobbler’s for treatment at little cost. If you can see poor workman-ship on a supposed designer bag it’s more likely that it’s is a fake, so it’s recommended to buy vintage designer purses and bags from trustworthy stores or dealers.

Sunday 5th of February marks the first time Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair will come to Lancaster, and is the perfect opportunity for students to update your wardrobe with chic and cheerful pieces, without splashing (too much) of your cash! Will you become a vintage victim?

Vintage Fair details:  Sunday 5th February 12:30pm-5:30pm ; Royal Kings Arms Hotel, Lancaster; Entry fee £2

Facebook Page:!/events/329426557081957/

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