Lancaster’s ladies take the spoils in close encounter

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Lancaster 5 – MMU 3

The Lancaster women’s first’s badminton team, are experiencing some of their best form in three seasons. They are currently sitting comfortably in second place in the Northern 2A league, some six points away from top spot.

Lancaster went into the match with an early advantage, with MMU having failed to bring their second singles meaning an automatic point to Lancaster. The first set saw Lancaster’s first doubles Hoper and Lim cruise to victory, winning in the second game. Lancaster seconds on the other hand did not fare as well with Croucher and Dawson conceding defeat in the final game of the set.

Croucher and Dawson went on to win their second set  against the MMU seconds beating them in the second game whilst elsewhere Lancaster’s Pagan in her Singles set went down to a 21-7 defeat in both games. With the first doubles and first singles remaining, a victory in either would have claimed victory for the home side. When Hoper and Lim founds themselves ousted out by MMU in their second game , the fate of the match rested firmly on the shoulders of Lancaster’s Yinai who faced off against MMU’s Laura Westgarth. After some early nerves, Yinai bounced back to win the set in the second game clinching victory for Lancaster and avoiding a result which would have taken the match to a draw.

After the game, Captain Steph Hall had this to say; ‘We are very excited to be doing so well and hope it continues. We are very pleased of today’s result.’

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