I love love love you

I really do love love love you.

If you have a love message – you could always add a note.

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How I took this picture “I love love love you”

Here’s the recipe:

A bag of 50 tea lights
Black background (actually one of my tee-shirts)
A camera – lovely Canon 550d dslr
A room with no lights (wait until after sun set!)
Aperture – to process
GIMP – to add a bit of extra back background because my tee-shirt wasn’t big enough. I may love gimp.
ISO 100 to get the highest quality possible – low noise.
F/20 – Tight aperture to increase the exposure time (because my room wasn’t really pitch black)
A message – this one is universal – I <3 U . Its also a personal message for me today.
Remote control – to avoid camera shake.

Then play with the shutter speed on manual mode to get the exposure of choice. I've gone Goldilocks here – not to bright and not too dark.

Mix up the recipe and out burst this picture of love.

Three things I learned

1. Tea-lights – candles – burn at different rates – some were out in seconds. Perhaps its because mine were cheap.

2. Its very easy to spill wax from a tea-light – poor tee-shirt.

3. Only light the tea-lights once your love message is in place. The can get quite hot to move around otherwise.

Love it.

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