Candidate interview: Jonnie Critchley

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“I want a professional & quality media”

Jonnie Critchley – County College

Jonnie Critchley is a candidate who is certainly not short of experience. Critchley currently holds the position of Assistant Editor for SCAN, was previously a part of the SCAN Investigations team, a breakfast presenter on Bailrigg FM, as well as former County JCR Magazine Editor.

He has also been involved in, and led, many cross media initiatives such as the coverage of last term’s college elections. Critchley believes this experience is a key quality he would bring to the role of Vice President (Media and Communications), as it has provided him with extensive knowledge of the way student media is run, as well as vital awareness of Union issues.

Critchley has a wealth of different ideas that he would bring to the role if elected. He feels it is fundamental that SCAN returns to its fortnightly print schedule, which he hopes will improve LUSU’s transparency and accessibility. Transparency for LUSU is something Critchley would aim to achieve if elected, attaining this by communicating further with students through promotion of LUSU’s website, personal Full Time Officer blogs, publicising LUSU meetings and events, and pushing for face to face student contact.

He aims to bring a more critical edge to LUSU’s media outlets, which he believes requires “improving the quality, perception and promotion of the media, creating a platform on which students can engage and discuss a wide variety of important issues.”

Critchley also put forward his new idea for a joint media showcase website, in which all three forms of Lancaster media could be promoted on an easy-to-use and up-to-date site. Critchley also expressed a strong desire to improve the listenership of Bailrigg, which he believes this website could aid.

Critchley placed heavy emphasis on the importance of supporting JCR Media officers, and highlighted his awareness of the existing sub-committee for Media Officers. He wishes to further expand on this committee and incorporate a member of the LUSU Design Team, providing support and guidance for JCR Media Officers, as well as ongoing training.

When asked on his thoughts about the role of Vice President (Media & Communications) also including SCAN Editor, Critchley made his opinion clear. He would like to explore the possibility of separating the roles, ensuring critical distance between the two positions.

Another issue Critchley will have to face if elected is the recent upsurge of independent student media outlets. Critchley said he would be “happy to facilitate any new student media initiative” and praised the new papers as it gives student a choice over their own media.

Overall, Critchley, if elected, is extremely excited to use his passion, dedication, commitment and experience to create a “professional-quality media for our University” which is what he believes we should be striving for.

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