Candidate interview: Nick O’Malley

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“I would relish the chance to do my best for the teams, clubs and societies”

Nick O’Malley – Graduate College

As the unofficial sports rep for Graduate College during the 2011/2012 season, Nick O’Malley has developed a team which has competed in all Carter Shield events, for the first time in three years. He hopes that this enthusiasm for the event will help him to increase participation across the colleges. “I love sports and activities and I love getting involved. I hope that my enthusiasm will come across and play an active part in helping more and more people get involved in different ways.”

As VP Activities for the year 2012/2013 the successful candidate would be in the position for an away Roses tournament, bringing with it its own set of challenges. O’Malley said “for me, it would be amazing to win an away Roses, I know that doesn’t happen very often!”

He feels that his experience with Roses within both SCAN and the sport itself will be invaluable as far as the VP Activities position is concerned. “I understand Roses, having been involved in different capacities, as a sports writer and editor and also within the pool, darts and rounders teams for all of my three years I have been here.” He added “I am on the 2012 Roses committee.”

If O’Malley was to be elected for the role he would aim to be a “thinker, listener, doer […] The main thing for me would simply be finding out what people want from me and the rest of the Activities Office, and then do my best to provide it.”

O’Malley feels that the combined role of VP Activities has been a great success and that Marc [Handley, current VP Activities] has made great progress next year which he would love to continue with were he to be elected VP Activities. He believes that he would represent both societies and sports equally due to his experience within societies as well as sports, such as his role as “Vice President for the Referees’ Society for this academic year.” Nick would take a strong stance on the clubs and societies stating “I will not be afraid to speak up on behalf of clubs and societies against any higher powers. I will do my best and do what I think is best for the sports teams, clubs and societies, as well as the University.”

Nick believes he would do a good job in the role commenting “I care very much for sports and activities within the University. I hope this comes across. And, if given the chance to do my best for the University, teams, clubs and societies, that would be a chance I would relish.”

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