The rise of red

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In the past few years the UK has experienced an unmistakable trend for red hair. In any one place you are likely to spot a handful of girls sporting various shades of the colour: from sultry auburn hues to pillar-box red splashed all over. Daring to dye your hair such a bold shade used to be a fashion statement that set you apart from the crowd, as traditional blondes and brunettes were the celebrated look. But thanks to celebrities such as Rihanna and apparent style icon Cheryl Cole, red hair has now blasted its way into the nation’s mainstream consciousness and our opinion of red hair has changed with it. Mega star Rihanna has always been prone to an image change and in 2010 red was the last block on her colour chart, so she debuted her new album ‘Loud’ with hair as vibrant as her new sound. Later that year long-term brunette Cheryl Cole appeared on our screens with a deep plum shade that inspired legions of her fans to follow suit. The change only cost her five pounds as she used a L’oreal home kit.

Many girls want to dye their hair red but are afraid of the drastic change – and to you I say: ‘go for it!’ All you have to do is make sure you choose a shade that compliments your skin tone and eye colour, which is a easier than it sounds.

Blue or green eyes pop out when matched with an Schwarzkopf Live XXL Fiery Red shade, but if you have fair skin with pink undertones to go for a copper-based colour. Too much red will make your skin look washed out. If you’re lucky enough to be born with porcelain skin however, you can pull off any shade you like.

Brown eyes look best when opting for a darker hue, especially when accompanied with an olive skin tone. If you’re not ready for a whole head of red you can always try copper highlights or a brunette hairdo that shines red in the light.

As a redhead myself, I advise anybody willing to try out the colour to use a home kit too, as salon-dyed hair is a luxury students can’t afford. Plus you’ll be dying your hair every four weeks or so if you want to keep your fiery colour – but it is worth it!

The trend for red hair has coincided with the rising popularity of ginger hair, with celebrities such as Karen Gillan and Christina Hendricks admired for their pale skin and ginger locks. Perhaps years of the ‘blonde bombshell’ look has called for a switch-over to the ‘pale and interesting’ side. You know Nicola from Girls Aloud? She spent years covering up her natural hair colour before finally learning to embrace it and it has only helped her career. Whether you’re a natural redhead or got it from a bottle, red hair is worth the try!

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