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The student life mainly consists of supermarket own brand beans, own brand toilet paper and supermarket all brand mystery meat, suspiciously labelled as beef mince. The luxuries of Andrex toilet paper and prime cuts of beef really do seem like a myth from home life past – but trust me- there are ways to live a champagne (or more realistically Cava) lifestyle on limited student loans. That is if you follow these few simple steps to super scrimping heaven.

Bargain shops: why go to Sainsbury’s or Boots when there’s the likes of Bodycare, Home Bargains and Farm Foods on our doorsteps? At these discount stores, you can find your favourite home comforts and branded products for half price in some cases. Farm Foods do an amazing offer of five pizzas for £4 and Bodycare sell luxury hair care brand, Aussie hair for £2.99 a bottle. By swapping where you shop you can save loads of money without compromising on your favourite brands and still have change in your pocket.

Scrimp week, Splurge week: Another way to save money and treat yourself at the same time, is to do alternate weeks of scrimping and splurging. Simple. Week one, you live life like the classic student, scanning Sainsbury’s own brand All Bran and 49p orange juice and in splurge week you can live it up gorging on Coco Pops, Cathedral City cheese and Tropicana Orange Juice. This way makes you realise how similar luxury branded products can be to cheaper alternatives and may even stop your life long affair with Walker’s crisps for a cheaper just as good option.

Chip in: birthdays are always a massive worry to students. Not only do you have to buy a killer new outfit, booze, pay for a night out AND plan your uni work round them- there’s also the added stress of what to buy your uni best friend on a limited (non existent) budget. They were there when you had to do an all-nighter after deleting your coursework due in the next day, when you broke up with your long term boyfriend and when you lost your ID, so the least you can do is buy them the present they deserve. Only problem with that is things cost money and your balance is currently -£50. Solution? Get everyone to chip in from your group of friends and suddenly that gift doesn’t seem so out of reach. Ten people chip in a tenner and you’re well on your way to an amazing present.

Thieve: Ok, ok I’m not really telling you to loot Tesco Express but nabbing a few packets of Hobnobs from your Mum and Dad when you visit surely won’t matter. Just remember to bring an extra big bag on those visits home and that way you can stash luxury items like fresh fruit and veg, Dolmio sauce and real Heinz beans in your luggage. After all, you paid for the train ticket to come see your family, if anything, it’s only fair they should reimburse you somehow.

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