Promising performance not enough to deny York

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Lancaster 3
York 12

The Lancaster Men’s lacrosse team put in a promising performance in their Roses match but failed to take away any of the four available points available.

York began the match with a technical rolling sub strategy, swapping players dependent on whether they were attacking or defending. This technique paid off as they scored within the first few minutes. Despite a three minute stint in the sin-bin for one of the York players due to “unnecessary roughness”, Lancaster failed to take advantage of this and York managed to score again despite having one less player on the pitch. At the end of the first quarter, Lancaster tailed 3-0.

The second quarter saw a much better defensive strategy from Lancaster, but a lack of shots on goal meant that they failed to reduce the goal deficit and York managed to slip a couple past Lancaster’s keeper towards the end of the first half, making the score at half time 5-0.

The third quarter saw a promising resurgence from Lancaster, as Tim Bell scored the first goal for the Red Rose. However, another goal from York  left the score at 6-1 with only one quarter left and a lot of work for Lancaster.

After a relatively quiet second and third quarter, a streaker ran on to the pitch at the beginning of the final quarter to delay the beginning of play. Once he ran off into the woods and play restarted, the players seem spurred on and there were  a frenzy of goals, two more from York were quickly followed by two for Tim Bell for Lancaster, giving him a hat-trick.

With the score now at 8-3, Lancaster defended well and after a time-out with three minutes left, 8-3 seemed to be the final score. However, after the time out, Lancaster’s defence seemed to tire, letting in four goals in the last few minutes to make the final score Lancaster 3 – 12 York,  which, like the Women’s Lacrosse team, was a significant improvement on last years’ 1-17.

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