Arise Pres County…

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Well LUSU move quick. Carl County, has been co-opted into being LUSU President in the wake of Leo Lancaster’s death. Carl, as runner-up in last week’s election race will now admirably step into his close friend’s role, but if you ask me, Carl is taking the position that was rightfully his. No disrespect to the life of Leo, he ran an interesting and obviously successful campaign. Carl however, had the policies and charisma to really excel in the role and really wasn’t given the student backing he deserved.

Anyway, the university has corrected itself, albeit in a tragic way. Good luck to Carl in his new post, let’s hope Leo’s suspicious death is swiftly solved so the university can attempt to acquire some sense of normality.


(Think you know who the murderer is yet? Don’t forget to check out and the Facebook page – No LUSU President was harmed in the making of this Media Murder Mystery. This blog, all characters and reported events are entirely fictional.)

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