Leo the dumper

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You’ve probably heard the rumours and gossip have suddenly started flying around that Leo and Clara Cartmel had been having an affair (Talk about being a bit of a player…) Anyhow, I’ve got more news for you. An anonymous source has told me last night that that that Leo dumped Clara on the same night as his murder. Apparently this was because he told her that he was only using her to help rig the elections to her vote.  This is all especially shocking because Leo got engaged to Fiona Flylde only last week during the FTEO elections.

Fiona’s refused any further comment about these rumours, but doubtless it puts Clara and Fiona in the spotlight now and people will be talking about what their motives for murder may have been. Tragic love triangle anyone?


(Think you know who the murderer is yet? Don’t forget to check out www.la1tv.lusu.co.ukwww.bailriggfm.co.uk and the Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/LUSUMMM. No LUSU President was harmed in the making of this Media Murder Mystery. This blog, all characters and reported events are entirely fictional.)

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