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There have been further developments concerning the unresolved murder of former LUSU President Leo Lancaster. A Lancaster University student from Grizedale, who shall remain anonymous, has written to SCAN with evidence regarding the circumstances of Leo Lancaster’s death.  He reports that ‘On the night of the murder, it was around 11:30, I was woken by the sound of arguing coming from outside.  Looking out of my window, I could see Leo Lancaster and Clara Cartmel having a massive argument.’ Last week it emerged that Leo Lancaster was having an affair with Clara Cartmel, which and this Grizedale student reports that he heard Leo Lancaster say that he regretted using Clara.

He then goes on to say ‘Five minutes later Grace Grizedale comes out of the bar and joins in with the argument. I couldn’t hear what was being said for all the shouting, but it was clear that Grace was having a right go at Leo. I was about to shut the window and try to go to sleep, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted Penny Pendle. She was sitting near the park watching them argue, I think she must have been there the whole time.’  Meanwhile the investigation into the murder of Leo Lancaster’s death continues, and SCAN will continue to report on any further developments as they arise.

(Think you know who the murderer is yet? Don’t forget to check out www.la1tv.lusu.co.ukwww.bailriggfm.co.uk and the Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/LUSUMMM. No LUSU President was harmed in the making of this Media Murder Mystery. This blog, all characters and reported events are entirely fictional.)

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