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Now that I finally have the chance to give my side of the story, I’d like to put a few things straight. First of all, I am not a murderer. I do not appreciate all the suspicion that I’ve been treated with and the abuse I’ve had to put up with. This abuse aimed at me leads me to my second point. Sceptical as you may be, I truly possess psychic abilities. This does not make me insane! That’s what I was trying to tell Leo on the night of his murder. Yes, it’s true, I did follow him that night. But not because I wanted to kill him. I just wanted to ask him to stop telling people that I’m crazy. It’s so upsetting. But before I could talk to him, I discovered him dead. I ran, and that was stupid of me, but it’s because I knew it would look suspicious, being found with him. What was suspicious was that I did see Fiona Fylde and Carl County lingering around the square that night. I wonder what they were doing there….

Penny Pendle.

(Think you know who the murderer is yet? Don’t forget to check out and the Facebook page – No LUSU President was harmed in the making of this Media Murder Mystery. This blog, all characters and reported events are entirely fictional.)

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