FTO Interview: Rachel Harvey – Campaigns and Communications


After a single round of voting, Rachel Harvey was reelected as LUSU Vice President for Campaigns and Communications. Harvey received 1106 votes, while Jordan Finneran received 887 and Re-Open Nominations received 121. The quota for this election was calculated at 1106.5, which Harvey reached in the first round. Harvey has been working as LUSU VP Media and Communications for the past year, however due to changes in the operation of LUSU the position has been replaced by the Campaigns and Communications role.

Harvey told SCAN that, upon winning the election, she was feeling “Amazing. Relieved. Grateful. Just so happy, in general.” When asked how running this year compared to last year, she said “Compared to last year, I think to me there wasn’t as much on it last year. If I won, I won, and if not, I’d have been sad. But I had a lot of passion for it last year, and I’ve developed even more passion this year.” She continued to talk about her reasons for running for a second year in a row, saying “If I’d have just wanted to re-run because I liked the job, I wouldn’t have re-run. That wouldn’t have been reason for me to. I re-ran because I have a lot to give, I want to do a lot, I’ve got a lot of ideas, and I know that I can do a very very good job of it.”

When asked about her team for the coming year, Harvey told SCAN “I think they’re incredible. I’m so happy with it. There are one or two positions that I genuinely couldn’t call, a lot of my friends were running in this election, but I’m so so happy with it, it’s an amazing team.” She then went on to say “I loved working with the team this year, it’s been absolutely fantastic. I think the team this year is going to be different, but it’s going to be just as amazing.”

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