50 Trends of Gray

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Damian Gray brings you the first ten dominant menswear trends bound to help the fashion submissive.

Enough with the gags – they are never a strong look. Throughout the next issues of SCAN I’ll be looking at 50 trends in men’s fashion ranging from the latest in independent labels to the next vintage look to reappear in the high-street.

1. SHOES: Nike Blazers
With the rise of the trainer as day-and-night wear Nike are on fire with this iconic shoe. I’m not saying that all other trainers pale in comparison but there’s something about the Nike Swoosh and suede combo that makes them miles ahead of the rest. No need to search high or low for them either as they’re found in most high-street footwear shops.

2. VINTAGE: Denim

You may find that your family are a great resource when it comes to vintage, especially denim as it lasts forever (this is scientifically proven, right?). You’re not spending a penny and you can pretty much guarantee no one will have exactly the same. Get them to dig out their jeans, shorts and jackets. Wear your Granddad’s. You will look incredible.

3. FIT: Oversized Tees

Long gone are the days of wearing t-shirts that show whether you’ve an“innie” or an “outie”. Buy your going out tops bigger than usual for a more laid back look that allows you to go large on your post-club Big Mac.


A simple gold or silver chain can be an effortless style choice and fit with almost any outfit. If you’re going to wear it now and again head to ASOS. If it’s going to become part of you then go to your local jewellers but barter; they will be overpriced.

5. HEADWEAR: Beanies

The latest must-have. They keep you warm, you can skip styling your hair and they look pretty fly too. Check out any high street store for the cheapest ones or independent designer labels such as NO EMOTION for a beanie that’s ahead of the game.

6. PRINT: Galaxy

There are certain prints that will forever look cool and the galaxy print is the star example. After a summer in womenswear it’s good to see that we finally have lift off with digital printed tees by GARMS CLOTHING and BIZARRE TEES. You’ll look out of this world.

7. OUTERWEAR: Bomber

Jacket trends come and go but the Bomber comes out to play every spring and with brands such as RECLAIMED VINTAGE, creating lightweight bombers with on-trend sleeves/panels such as leopard/floral print, it seems that this time they’ll be sticking around for summer too.

8. OFF THE SHELF: High Roll Tees

If like me, you’re fed up of rolling up your sleeves when fall down every couple of minutes then get yourself to TOPMAN. They have an abundance of high roll tees with stitched sleeves meaning you can worry about more important things – like dancing.

9. GOING OUT: Shite Shirts

Finally, the hideous can look hot, as shirts with blindingly ugly prints are the envy of the dance-floor. Thanks to Macklemore it is all about the thrift shop look so get yourself to the charity shops and see if you can beat my £6 find of a surfing kitten printed shirt.

10. OUT THERE: Graphic Sweatshirts

I recently uncovered a Polish company that prints your high quality pictures digitally onto sweatshirts. They also have pre-made prints such as galaxy, Egyptian pharaoh and jellybeans. If you want to stand out from the crowd and don’t mind the 21-day delivery time then check out MR GUGU & MISS GO. Remember, good things come to those who wait (or live in Poland).

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