Editorial (Freshers’ Week): Welcome to the new SCAN

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Welcome to the Freshers’ Week edition of SCAN and the first edition of the year. Quite frankly, I’m just pleased you’re reading this
right now, because it means everything went to plan and the first issue made it to the printer.

As the first student elected student Editor in thirty years and the first year the role of SCAN Editor has been separated from Rachel Harvey’s vice president role, there’s been a lot of debate (I use the word ‘debate’ kindly) as to whether this role is something a student is capable of managing. Call me an optimist, but as far as I’m concerned if you have the drive and the passion to really want to achieve something – you will find a way to make it happen. In my case, this means dreaded early mornings and quality time spent with my planner and some highlighters (to brighten up busy days).

Obviously, as with any new endeavor, being a student Editor and managing a team of people has had it’s challenges – including changing printers (as you may have noticed given that SCAN is now tabloid size), making sure marketing gets their adverts to us on time, and appointing a new Head of Production over the course of the summer. But, my team and I have powered through and put together this amazing first edition of SCAN, so a big thank you to them.

I’d also like to start the year with a couple of thank you’s to the outgoing SCAN Editor, Rachel Harvey, and her Assistant Editor Jack
Smith, for all their guidance so far. Smith in particular has been incredibly patient in showing me the ropes of how to be an Editor and in assisting in the design of this new-look SCAN. Most importantly, my Head of Web & Mobile, Jay Theis, has worked exceptionally
hard this summer to completely redesign the website and make SCAN’s online presence truly spectacular – so thank you.

The big news at the moment is our beloved Freshers, who are arriving at Lancaster and making their tentative first steps towards
their undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, as our front page story indicates, they’ve not had an easy time of it. The university has managed to oversubscribe in their attempts to draw in as many students as possible; despite their decision to raise the fees to the Tory top limit of £9,000. Those of you who made it though, be it living on campus or off-campus, the main thing to remember is that Lancaster is a brilliant place, which will offer you so many different opportunities. Don’t let one bad experience mar your view of this university. You’ll meet brilliant people, your colleges will welcome you with open arms, and let’s be honest, how many universities have a sign on their main driveway warning visitors to watch out for the ducks?

You’ll also notice in this issue we’ve included a special feature on both the new LUSU Full Time Officer team, who I’m very pleased to be working with this year, and a wonderful collaborative piece in Carolynne, which shows off what our colleges have to offer.
So, all I have left to say is, enjoy the first Quin edition of SCAN, and be sure to pick us up fornightly for the rest of the year. We’ll be in our little purple paper bins, waiting, patiently.

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