Editorial (Michaelmas, Week 4): Sport turns pink & sea otters

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Hello and welcome to the lovely Week 4 edition of SCAN, complete with little orange pumpkin to honour the festivity that is Halloween. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve lost a large chunk of time down the back of the sofa – this term is absolutely flying. By the time this issue comes out, we’ll all be starting to think about those looming coursework deadlines.

There’s been a lot of things going on over the last two weeks, and this edition of SCAN is full to bursting with news, Carolynners, sport and our lovely comment writers. In particular, this issue the Sport Editors, Erik Apter and Iain Beddow, had the wonderful idea of dedicating the majority of their section to the Breast Cancer Awareness cause, which is why the back page of the issue is pink.

Also, make sure you read page 5 of this issue, where I’ve written an article about new information with regards to the Sugarhouse sexual assault; this time the police have included a description of the attacker so it’s definitely worth having a good, long think if you were out that night and if that description rings any bells.

You may have also been checking our online content whilst you were waiting for this issue to be put together and printed, I know you were, you eager beaver – there’s certainly plenty of it now that we’ve revamped the website. If you have, you may have noticed our wonderful Union Council report, put together by Jack Perry – which puts a delightful, interesting spin on what can otherwise be an extremely dull affair (if you’re not that in to student politics). It’s worth having a look at what your Union are doing for you, even if you don’t always understand bits of it, I certainly don’t.
It’s also worth putting in your calendar, your diary or just the notes section of your iPhone that this Thursday, 31st October, not only do you get to don your obligatory ghoulish costume for the year – but you won’t have any lectures. This is because the University and
College Union (better known as the UCU) are striking, more information about which you can find on our front page. You can show solidarity to your lecturers who are having their pensions cut by having a good long lie-in and spending extra time on your fake blood
application. Or you can get in the picket line and show some active solidarity, whichever you prefer.

The other big news in the world of SCAN is that we were recently retweeted by the lovely Scouting For Girls, whom we interviewed in the last issue. That made us quite happy. That and we’ve finally sorted out our membership list and you’ll now receive a delightful
weekly email from yours truly, every single Monday. I’ve had a lot of people commenting on last week’s editorial, after I share with you my discovery of the Pomsky. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of fluffy animals (cats especially). So I thought I’d keep the theme going. This Monday I’d like to brighten your day by sharing with you this picture of sea otters holding hands, so they don’t float away in their sleep. Squeal quietly in adoration though, you wouldn’t want the person sitting next to you to think you’re a total weirdo.

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