Halloween Nails

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Rachel Judd shows us how to give your nails the spooky edge this Halloween!


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You’ll need a mix of nail art pens and nail varnish in orange, black and white.

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1. Paint three of your nails white.

Photo 29-10-2013 18 23 43 (HDR)

2. Paint the two remaining nails black.

Photo 29-10-2013 19 52 32 (HDR)

3. Using the black nail art pen draw two different designs onto the white nails.

I chose to draw Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas & a spider on a web.

Photo 29-10-2013 21 05 07

4. Using the white nail art pen, draw a spider’s web on one of the black nails.

Photo 29-10-2013 21 07 09

5. Finally, use the orange to add blood splatters to your one remaining white nail.

Draw a pumpkin onto your thumb nail and the look is complete!

nails one

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