Style Advice: Top tips for the opposite sex

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Please note, some of the advice below is constructive, some is just plain silly. 

Georgie: Girls on Guy’s Style

The likelihood is, if you searched online for an article detailing “annoying fashion habits” then you’d be able to pull up thousands discussing women’s fashion and the rise of “irritating hipster trends”.

These would feature at length the repetitive fashion habits of women and girls all wearing the same annoying thing at the same annoying time. Having said that, I’m personally more irritated and affected by men’s fashion trends, and this is probably due to the fact that half my wardrobe is dedicated to men’s t-shirts but that’s neither here nor there. Unfortunately, there isn’t very much written about these frustrating male trends.

I’m putting a stop to that, now.

Have you ever walked past a group of boys in the street and they all seem to be wearing the same t-shirt from Topman, just in a slightly different colour or pattern? Questionee number one (Q1) has. “I guess you can say the same about girls with Topshop, but we have a lot of style variation at least. Same Topman t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, tight jeans and Nike Vortex or Air Max. Please make it stop.”

c/o Rene Passet
c/o Rene Passet

Now, I am a big supporter of the Air Max trend, owning a pair myself, but when three boys out of four are wearing them in a group, something needs to be done. Another thing questionee 1 pointed out was the penchant for hats in clubs, especially the dreaded snapback: “This wearing hats in a club thing seems strange. I know this is fashion but you must be hot wearing a beanie, and if you’re going to wear a cap, alright, but why is it perched on top of your head like that?”

Questionee number two suggested that they’re all taking pointers from the boys in Geordie Shore, and I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the three male stars all wearing the same baseball jersey or v-neck t shirt.

Actually, don’t get me started on the v-neck. I’m not positive how or why the men’s v-neck t-shirt trend began, but I have a feeling it had to do with JLS. There’s just something I don’t like about it. It might be that the mere notion of “men’s cleavage” makes me feel a little nauseous. Why is that a thing?

My final questionee said she never really noticed anything irritating about boy’s fashion (good for her) but she doesn’t like when their

c/o Marcus_JB1973
c/o Marcus_JB1973

bums are hanging out. Yes, the baggy jean-bum syndrome. I’m not sure why that exists either. I could be wrong but I have a suspicion that if a girl walked around with the back of her knickers hanging out the top of her jeans then she’d be mortified. But we don’t do this with men. Their boxers hang out, their bum silhouette is on show, and we act as if nothing is wrong.

That is the thing with fashion though – who am I to tell you that what you’re wearing is wrong? I can’t, and guys can wear what they want how they want, but I’m allowed to find it infuriating as hell. And I do. Every day.


Damian: Guys on Girl’s Style

I’m a firm believer that when girls dress up for a night out most of the time they’re not out to pull in the opposite sex but to impress each other. That said I thought it would be a laugh to have a little insight into what they’re thinking. In this article we ask three 20-something Lancaster University boys what are their pet hates about girls fashion choices, or putting it like one of them, “what birds wear”.

We asked specifically about clothing choices on a typical night out at Sugarhouse, where you’re most probably going to pull listening to Teenage Dirtbag (note to DJ, please no more Teenage Dirtbag, I beg you). We’re keeping the identity of the boys anonymous, and in doing so we think they went hell for leather on a few of our questions. Oh by the way, they like a bit of leather, “those black leather bra things are cool” (thrilling, I know).

At first we asked about their thoughts on make up with one boy enthusiastically coming out with “sparkly golden”, and another “not pale with no make-up like that Nicola Roberts”. At this point we’re starting to wonder whether they are really into girls at all. Thankfully our third lad gives a somewhat more constructive response of “don’t look like a clown”. We asked about hairstyles and the best answer was “not those f****** bun hats like those girls in Peru”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Moving swiftly on we talked about colours with a mixed response of anger towards “dirty beige” and “none of that highlighter pen

c/o James Wong Prince
c/o James Wong Prince

orange neon s***”. I had to agree with one comment that girls should stay clear of “anything with writing on it”. But then again I think by now we all know to stay away from ‘JOCK’ or ‘GEEK’ tees. Honey, this isn’t Glee. Nothing really came from the topic of shoes but three very different off-tangent responses, “wedges make birds walk weird”, “glittery shoes, like full glitter are bad, anything glitter” and “you cannot wear UGGs on a night out, that’s tragic, they are comfy though”. We can vouch for that, not that you’d ever see us out in them.

Finally, we briefly touched upon jewellery with a consensus of no “chunky gold jewellery… like something off Eastenders”.

I’m not sure whether we got anything from these interviews, and perhaps it may have been better to ask them what they like on girls instead. Either way, it doesn’t really matter as I hold firmly onto my belief that sisters are doing it for themselves.


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