Campus WiFi signal on the mend

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ISS (Information Systems Services) have been working to fix Wi-Fi signal problems on campus previously reported in SCAN. Attempts have been made to determine the extent and cause of the issues of these issues.

Previously, campus residents were told to report any issues to the ISS Service Desk. In a statement given to SCAN, Andrew Gibson, Accommodation Publicity Officer and Furness Residence Officer, said that information received by ISS had proved useful. He stated: “the 45 reports received to date have helped focus their investigations. A number of potential causes were examined, including interference from the use of personal wireless access points.”

Previously, ISS had told campus residents to turn off these personal access points. This would determine if they were the cause of the issues and hopefully resolve them.

Gibson also explained the on-going Wi-Fi installation project and the problems ISS encountered. “The University is aiming to provide Wi-Fi in all buildings across campus, including all the residences (approximately 7,500 rooms), and work to install equipment for the residences was completed over the summer. Shortly after the start of term, ISS became aware of difficulties with the Wi-Fi signal in some areas and have since been working to establish the cause and extent of these issues.”

The statement went on to disclose that ISS are currently attempting to narrow their focus to particular areas where issues are though to be most present. These areas are “mainly in Alexandra Park, though some rooms in some blocks in Fylde, Furness and County South may also be experiencing weak signals.”

He also revealed that students living on campus are being asked help with the problems, saying: “ISS are asking students who are in these rooms to complete a very short survey which will help to pinpoint problems, design and implement solutions, and more quickly make improvements to the Wi-Fi signal.”

Joel Pullan, LUSU president, echoed Gibson in highlighting the efforts made by ISS to improve the campus W-Fi experience and lessen issues. He told SCAN that “ISS have been proactive in trying to solve any issues students are having with Wi-Fi in their residences; and students are encouraged to get in touch with ISS if any problems should arise.”

He went on to state that attempts are now being made by LUSU to encourage examination of other issues with technology on campus: “Our attention is now turning to mobile phone coverage, exploring ways in which reception can be improved in areas of campus. There are many difficulties to this but we shall continue to lobby for options to be explored. “

Any students still experiencing signal problems on campus by students should reported them to the ISS Service Desk ( ISS say this should help them identify potential ‘blackspots’, these are areas with very weak or no signal.

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