Dear Santa…

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You’ve been good this year, but what on earth should you put on your Christmas list? Here’s a breakdown of your must-have stocking fillers to see you through winter and beyond.

Tartan– In every shape and form, the high street (and the Spine) is crawling with tartan. You may request a simple tartan scarf – there are 100% lamb’s wool scarves available on eBay for less than a trail of tinsel. Or maybe you would prefer to channel your inner Cher Horowitz and go all out with a pleated kilt? If you want to nail two trends in one you can bat your eyelashes and ask for the tartan asymmetric ‘skort’ from Topshop which with a thick pair of tights and a fab pair of boots will keep you toasty all winter.

Fluffy Eyelash Jumper- These jumpers are an absolute wardrobe gem. From cropped versions with short sleeves to bigger, cosier creatures, these warm 90s-esque jumpers will feel like a big hug. They’re brilliant when you’re struggling through the post-Christmas blues, stood at the underpass whilst you wonder why you ever left your mum’s mince pies to come back to Lancaster.

Velvet– Each Autumn Winter, velvet comes back in force for the party season and this year is no exception. With New Year’s Eve swiftly following Christmas it’s the perfect time to ask for something a bit special. Check out for swathes of velvety goodness in the form of spaghetti strap swing dresses, Bardot wiggle dresses and the faithful body-con in more colours than you can shake a candy cane at.

Underwear– We are all guilty of putting bras in the tumble dryer and mangling the underwire (this happened to me recently, preceding a dream in which I got stabbed by a rogue piece of supporting wire. Traumatised? Yes). You will also be the victims of missing socks that seem to endlessly populate the County Main laundrette, enough to form a whole nativity of sock puppets. So what should you do? As boring as it sounds underwear can be expensive and Christmas time is perfect for replenishing the basics, especially if David Beckham’s new holiday collection campaign for H&M is anything to go by.

Nail Art Pens– Nail art has been a big deal for a while now but people are kindly making it easier for us students in the form of nail art pens. eBay, Amazon, Model’s Own and Barry M all stock variations on the nail art pen, if you want to recreate some of the nail art on own very own SCAN Fashion Instagram page (@scanfash) I promise you your life will be made easier with this Christmas gift. It certainly beats using a cocktail stick to do designs with and you’ll get lots of colours when you buy a set.

Eyelash Curlers– …are a girl’s best friend. If you have eyelashes and you wear make-up, your make-up bag is incomplete without these babies! Although they look like an eighteenth century torture device, do not be alarmed, they are your friends. By curling them upwards eyelashes will seem longer and eyes more open. Your doe eyes will fool everyone into thinking that you are most definitely not suffering from the many festive hangovers you will be likely to encounter.

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