How to do ‘OTT’ the right way

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That’s it. Halloween is over, Bonfire night has passed us by and the TV is awash with Christmas adverts. If the big rush towards Christmas leaves you feeling more ‘bah humbug’ than ‘deck the halls’ – help is at hand. Christmas inevitably blocks up the calendar from mid-November to January with parties, nights out and posh dinners and you may ask: ‘What better excuse to don some Christmas sparkle, get over the top and really indulge in the glitziest of fashion?’ Adding some punch to your outfit can really help to banish those winter blues.

Unfortunately, this may be a more precarious answer to the Christmas woes than previously thought. How glitzy is acceptable? Are clashing embellishments suited to your society’s winter jaunt into town? How can I ever do ‘over-the-top’ cool in Lancaster’s  consistently rainy weather? Cue visions of rain soaked feathers, broken heels and muddy hems.

After trying, in vain, to wear some more gregarious ensembles and spending the night in the ladies attempting to reattach jewels to a dress, I decided to take inspiration from the red carpet and see how Hollywood style might work in Lancaster.

After looking over some of more outrageous outfits (Sarah Jessica Parker – I’m looking at you!), those who really pull off the embellished look are those who do not let an outfit consume them. Instead of looking like you ran covered in superglue through a tinsel shop, clean silhouettes and figure hugging forms subdue even the most unruly of embellishments and guarantee that not only will the fashion not drown out your star quality at the Sugarhouse but will give you the glamour that so many of us crave in December as well as saving some pennies. Team one new embellished item with a wardrobe favourite skater skirt or your little black dress and you my friend are ready to dazzle the night away.

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