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For some people, your personal style doesn’t appear overnight, it’s something that some people gradually grow into. It could take years of failed outfits to decide on what print or shape suits you. Fashion blogs are a phenomenon that are rapidly growing and dominating not only the fashion industry, but the internet. Fortunately, this blogging world has been welcomed by thousands of fashionistas inviting viewers to be inspired by their choice of outfits, by offering us alternative ideas to how to piece together certain prints, textures and colours to help create our own personal style. A variety of fashion blogs have influenced my choice of outfits, so here are my top three that I’m certain will give you some clear guidance about which key pieces in your wardrobe you should rock.

Penelope Armstrong is a fashion blogger who has a huge influence on my style and I’m sure it’s the same for her other followers too. When I am having an image crisis or a wardrobe malfunction and I have nothing to wear for a casual day on campus, I get inspiration from Penelope knows how to create a statement casual ensemble with the use of her magnificent jewellery collection (swoon). If you’re wondering how to accessorise a boyfriend jersey tee, head over to her blog for a wealth of style advice. What’s more Penelope is a menswear designer and includes posts of her travels to fashion cities such as Tokyo, giving us an insight into the lifestyle of a true fashionista.

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This next blogger has been commended and recognised by several companies within the fashion industry, such as Urban Outfitters and Cosmopolitan and I can fully understand why. Lucy Rance describes her blog as a “thrifty fashion” which showcases a mix of high street and vintage clothing. Like her 3000+ followers, I subscribe and I am constantly viewing her updated posts as I am a highstreet girl by heart but yet Lucy’s ensembles finds me hovering around the vintage and charity shops desperate to find the steals that she displays. Get adventurous with your style by following and let her show you into how to make an outfit from the high street your own, by adding vintage pieces, so that no one else can replicate and instead, all they can do is steal glances at your stylish number.

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Bored of following the fashion pack on how to wear certain colours and what to style certain prints with? Well if this appeals to you and find that sometimes, all you want to do is stand out, then check out . This fashion blogger thinks outside the box with her style choices. I admire Helena’s bravery and creativity when it comes to mixing patterns, textures and colours together that I would never even think of. Explosions of colour give her outfits a voice and express a unique side of her personality.  When it comes to personal style struggles, bellsfashion’s  seamless outfit posts give you the necessary style advice.

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