Alternatives to going out four times a week


Most of us love a good night out in Lancaster with our friends. However, as you’re all bound to have noticed by now, nights out are never cheap! Whether you’re a fresher who is just getting the party started, or a final year student who is trying to rekindle some of their lost youth, a night out can hit your bank balance pretty hard. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways that you can have fun in and around Lancaster without entering Sugar.

Firstly, pub quizzes. Not only are quizzes cheap, but they also mean you can spend the evening with a group of friends having fun and getting into the competitive spirit. Most pub quizzes will also offer a cash prize – who knows, you could leave £100 richer! Try the White Cross, which hosts a pub quiz every Tuesday evening from 8:30pm.

Also in town, the Vue Cinema on Orange Wednesdays guarantees a fun evening without breaking the bank. 2 for 1 on cinema tickets every Wednesday means that you can see the latest films with a friend, and still have money left over to spend on refreshments. If you don’t fancy going into town, the campus ‘Take 2 Cinema’ is an even cheaper alternative to Vue.

There are also many other facilities available on campus to add variety to your evenings. Personally, I think the eating establishments on campus are underrated. Why not try the Wibbly Wobbly Burger Bar or the Chinese restaurant one evening? Or you could even grab food at one of the campus bars, which have student friendly prices. In terms of staying in, there are plenty of ways to have a fun filled evening with your flatmates. Film/takeaway nights are always a big hit, but if you’re looking for something a little different set up your very own ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition, where each member of the house takes it in turns to cook for the others and provides entertainment. This means you can have several nights off cooking for yourself – when will you ever get a better excuse to get someone else to cook for you?

Board game nights have proven to be a big hit in my house, so gather a variety of games, plenty of snacks, and settle down for an evening of surprising competitiveness. Whether it is Cluedo, Monopoly or even Boggle, an enjoyable evening will be in store.

Something you may never have considered before is a home spa evening. Superdrug can provide you with a variety of facemasks and relaxing oils to set up your very own spa in your living room. Light some candles and kick back and relax whilst having a long chat with your housemates.

Whichever way you choose to spend your Sugar free evenings, make sure you have fun, and most importantly, make sure you keep it cheap!

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