Living below the line (Tuesday): Food is all around me.

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Today I tried a new tactic, after being hungry when I got home last night I decided I should not take food onto campus with me, just eat my breakfast and try to last all day without another morsel. It seemed like a great idea, I could really test my willpower and have one big portion instead of two tiny ones, with the added bonus of not smelling – win win.


I got up later intentionally, as that would give me less hours to be hungry, which turned out to be pretty flawed logic. I ate my banana and yoghurt in a grumpy mood as I couldn’t find any of my teaspoons and my desert spoon kept getting stuck in the stupidly small yoghurt pot. I was also craving a morning coffee, but no coffee beans, no sugar, no milk. Surprisingly I was quite full after my breakfast, probably because I usually wouldn’t eat it.

The rest of my day was spent on campus drinking water whenever I felt hungry to try and stop myself from eating. It was only about 4:30pm that I actually became hungry. After a long revision session and dragging myself past all the chocolate and crisps in the LUSU Shop to fill up my water bottle, my stomach was getting very rumbly but I tried to concentrate on work to distract myself. It was just when I was getting so hungry I felt sick that a boy came and sat on the Learning Zone window-ledge, completely in my line of sight, and started eating my favourite Greggs doughnut, the caramel custard.I couldn’t take my eyes off it and all I could think was: ‘I could pop to Gregs, it’s only 75p, what’s the harm really?. Fortunately, my willpower won and But I was very pleased to return home at about 8:30pm with a non cheating stomach that was practically eating itself it was so hungry.


I mixed my portion of bean biryani and bean sin carne together and ate it with two flat breads, warmed up it was much nicer than yesterday. I couldn’t eat all the beans, it’s bad but I’m already getting bored of them. Instead of throwing them away – I can’t afford to waste any food) – I picked them out from my leftovers and have put them to one side in my fridge to use at a later date. Thrifty, I know.

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