Stunning victory for LUWHC first team in the War of the Roses

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Lancaster University Women’s Hockey First team secured a fantastic win over rivals York on the Saturday, Week 2, obtaining a massive four points for the Lancaster Roses total.

The competition for the Lancaster hockey club had been fierce this Roses, with the Women’s third team achieving a draw and the Women’s second team, having played hours before, just losing to their York opposition. After a fantastic day of Indoor Hockey wins the day before, it was clear the girls wanted to maintain their dominant position over the York Hockey Club. As the final match for LUWHC, the pressure was on the first team ladies to achieve a Roses victory on the Astros and keep the York team from claiming another win.

The ladies, captained by the formidable Tandi Eser-Ruperti, started strongly, enjoying support from the Lancaster Men’s Hockey Club, who seemed in good spirits during the game. With Lancaster keeping possession of the ball throughout the match, the ladies were able to keep York on the defensive with their skillful play. The first three minutes of the match saw the Lancaster girls hammer the York defence, with three excellent shots, deflected only by swift kicks from the York goal keeper. However, a long run down the right hand side of the pitch secured York their first and only goal of the game, spurring the Lancaster First team to dig deep.  Remaining calm, the ladies fought back hard with a cheeky equaliser from Claire Jamison at the end of the first half.

Photograph: Nadine Ong
Photograph: Nadine Ong

Throughout the game York were heavily reliant on a few key players in the centre of the pitch, allowing Lancaster to capitalise on their mistakes in both attack and defence. The second half kicked off with comfortable play from Lancaster. Faye Garland maintained the pace of the game, deftly navigating her way around some of York’s most challenging players. This half saw York up their game, in a desperate attempt to secure another goal, however incredible defensive play from TP Turner kept the York team at bay. The visitors secured a number of short corners, but were unable to convert, even from their close position in the D, due to some great saves by Hannah Jenkinson, Lancaster’s First Team goal keeper.

Lancaster kept the pressure on, determined to score another goal. This was finally delivered by Captain Tandi Eser-Ruperti who, after an incredible run down the left hand side of the pitch, was rewarded with a penalty. The ladies captain took the tense decision in her stride, casually scoring another fantastic goal for LUWHC, giving Lancaster the necessary lead in the second half. After the penalty, York crumbled with erratic passing and some very poor shots into the Lancaster D which were easily defended. Their desperation to score an equalizer was evident and the panic that ensued allowed Lancaster to push forward, with another stunning goal at the end of the second half for the Lancaster girls.

As the final whistle blew, Lancaster ladies triumphed over their York rivals 3-1, a fantastic result for both the first team and the whole of the Lancaster University Hockey Club.

When asked about their win, Captain Tandi Eser-Ruperti told SCAN, “This win is the cherry on top of a wonderful year and season for LUWHC. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better play today. I am so proud of my team and the club as a whole, we’ll definitely be celebrating in Sugarhouse tonight!”

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