How to boss the beach look

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Sentenced in life to fail at any kind of fake tanning process, summer holidays are the only respite from my perpetual jaundice. Being a serious perennial tanner usually means that I have to expose an amount of flesh that falls precariously close to being risqué. I also rotate myself in the direction of the sun; I imagine myself to look like a blooming flower following the light, but I am more likened to the unappetising doner meat rotating in the back of Mighty Bites.

So I am not the most confident in a bikini, despite grafting my ass off in the gym, but I’m not a page three model so it’s okay. One thing I didn’t understand until I was older – and a little more fashion literate – is that the bikini style you choose is actually crucial to how you look overall. With the help of, the wonderful ladies that they are, I have managed to reproduce their guidance specifically for this summer season.

This is what the girls classify as the main body types:

Pear Shape: Wider on the bottom then you are on the top. Great hips!

Ideally you want to balance out your hips and chest – so try tops that will accentuate, like halters, underwire and padded cups. Wear fuller bottoms to even out, or if you are Beyoncé’ing it, go for a Brazilian brief.  TRENDING: The white crochet bikini has always been a cult classic, but now you can get them in an array of colours and patterns. This would be a great style for you.

Hourglass: Slightly curvaceous and shaped like an hourglass.

Choose supportive styles that will firstly, look good and secondly, provide support. Choose high-leg briefs that elongate your legs and lengthen your entire profile. Try halternecks where you can undo the neck strap, so it can double-up as bandeau. TRENDING: So long as you have found the perfect fit, bold colour blocking looks amazing in this style, such as; corals, burnt oranges, cobalt blues, real rainforest hues. Choose a colour that you love and makes you feel confident. It will soon be your go-to bikini.

Fuller figure: More curvaceous or heavier figure.

You’re not 60 years old, and therefore, it’s just not acceptable to let yourself think that the only style you should wear is the tankini. Quite frankly, it just shouldn’t be a thing. However you can pull off, in my opinion anyway, the best trends of swimwear this season. TRENDING: the 60s bikini. The pin-up style was absolutely owned by your figure so bring it back. Find a beautiful bold halterneck with matching high-waisted briefs and freaking STRUT!

Petite: Small all around, height, weight and small bust and hips

You’re better off with string bikinis so as to elongate your body. Try to avoid boy cut shorts and hipsters – anything that cuts your body off really. TRENDING: fringing. Wear a fringe top to exaggerate your chest and matching string bottoms to lengthen the rest of you out. I like the Amazonian style colours; bronze, desert golds, iridescent khakis.

Athletic: Broader shoulders, narrowed hips and muscular legs.

Your legs are a masterpiece; they deserve only the best of cuts, the Brazilian and the string-tie. I would avoid bandeau tops, but focus on softening your features, like padded cups and feminine prints. TRENDING: mix and match. There is a knack to it so go to: to find out exactly how to nail it. To follow trend, try matching an embellished top, (padded triangle, halter, or scoop neck) with a block colour bottom.

Straight: Less curves, hip and bust measurements are similar. 

You can wear pretty much any style you want: they’re all going to sit right on you. Whether you want to mould yourself some curves or go for a skimpier style in a summery print – whatever takes your fancy.  TRENDING: Neoprene. You may have seen the amazing triangl swimwear branded about the best of Instagram, well they are the pioneers of neoprene. Everyone else is catching up now. They do colour blocking really well, monochromatic style, mesh, metallic, and even colour clashing looks good too. They come in an array of styles so take your pick!

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