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There’s a new breed of fashion icons gracing the world, and they are not the common day celebrities we used to. Fashion blogging has taken both the internet and fashion world by storm, allowing anyone to document their own unique style online. As a fashion blogger myself, I have learnt a few tips and tricks to help anyone get their foot into the industry & have selected my top tips to share with you & hopefully inspire some new bloggers!

–          Blogging is not a one man ship, I work from various social media accounts to promote and interact with other bloggers. My top choices are Instagram, allowing you to promote recent blog posts and post daily pictures of what you’re doing, Twitter, which allows you to build up strong bonds with companies and bloggers a like and lastly, Bloglovin which provides a platform to view all your top blogs at once!

–          Interaction. Many bloggers complain about the lack of comments on their posts & I have to agree, getting a comment on a blog post you’re really proud is such a confidence post & has also lead to me discover some amazing blogs through it!

–          Carry a notebook at all times. Inspiration comes to me at the most random times, in Morrison’s, on the bus to university and sometimes writing it on your phone won’t always mean you’ll remember it! I carry round a little notebook constantly, for random outfit inspiration to new blog content I’ve thought of.

–          When I started blogging, I only thought I would post outfit posts. But there are so many topics you can cover as a blogger, my personal favourite being: wish lists (pick your top items from a shop such as ASOS), haul posts (share your ill-gotten gains with your readers & then maybe you won’t feel as bad…), favourite bloggers (who’s inspiring you this month?) and of course, posts on hair & beauty work perfectly if you also have a passion for them too.

So there are my top tricks of the trade! Hopefully this inspires someone to join the realm of blogging & if anyone has any further questions please feel free to tweet me: @lockettspockets or visit my blog at

The lowdown on how to blog like a pro - Elena Lockett
The lowdown on how to blog like a pro – Elena Lockett

elena lockett

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