INTRODUCING: The Features Photo Competition

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Calling all student photographers – this year, SCAN would like to offer the opportunity to feature your best photographs in our paper! The rules are simple: submit a high quality (non-phone) picture to and the best photo will be published in the Features section each issue. Any entries should be regarding campus life. Examples of this include the infamous ‘LEAR(ning) ZONE’ sign, candid pictures of society or social events, that perfect moment in Cards Against Humanity where someone plays the most inappropriate card combination and you don’t know whether to laugh or be appalled (or both), or an exceptionally beautiful view around campus.

This competition is meant to show off the best parts of being on Lancaster’s campus and is open to any student, living on or off campus, from any level of study, undergraduate to postgraduate. Please keep any images appropriate and within the guidelines above. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with!

The submission deadline for the next issue is 31st October.

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