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There is pretty much no one like you, how do you go about crafting your sound?

It’s not a good way to do things but you have an idea for a concept, like ‘I’m gonna write a song like this’ but you have no information, there is a lot of ascertain.


Is there anyone in particular you like to work with while in the studio?

There is tonnes of great producers we love to work with for like creating a beat we can work with… I don’t know… Jesus?

We are pretty open to work with people.


With this album you worked with Haxan Cloak?

Haxan Cloak did the first song on the record, we really admired his background and what he was doing, we were very much on the same level it was very new, HD which is what we trying to do, Haxan Cloak was really a model for that.


Your music is alludes to a variety of genres, are you all interested in the same types of music?

Not entirely but for the most part yeah.


What drives you/your music?

The desire to keep doing, you want to live up to the way music was when you were a kid, that is the dream.


Are you still discovering new things production wise?

Absolutely, that is always an obsession but it is also really scary. It is also a little scary realising that we need to find some new things to do. There are still challenges, some things from the record we are happy with but some things we feel we did too conservatively, we have ideas that we want to take further.


Do you have a favourite piece of gear/technique for creating sound?

Can’t call this a technique the best s*** always comes from happy accidents, nothing beats the happy accidents, I don’t know how to make that happen or create that.


You’re not an overly aggressive or abrasive noise rock band, was this a concerted effort?

We were a noise rock band at the beginning but I don’t think that applies to us now, I mean as long as people like it…


Is there ever a balance between what you like and what the fans will like?

I think our fans get it, I mean you make it, it’s yours so inherently it’s not too flawed, if people are liking it then it is probably good.



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