Spine Spotter

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Spine Spotter – showcasing not only the most stylish students but those who have made an effort to stand out from the crowd…

IMG_3581Name: Loyola Chassin De Kergommeaux
Course: Business and Management
Fashion Icon: Instagram celebrities
Favourite Shop: Zara
Signature Piece: Little black dress

IMG_3585Name: Pepijm Joman
Course: Entrepreneurship
Fashion Icon: “I like to keep it simple in my own style”
Favourite Shop: Urban Outfitters
Signature Piece: Leather jacket

IMG_3584Name: Catherine Ewbank
Course: Maths
Fashion Icon: Nina Nesbitt
Favourite Shop: Miss Selfridge
Signature Piece: Florals

IMG_3582Name: Giulia Pendabene
Course: Business and Management
Fashion Icon: Lady Gaga
Favourite Shop: Boutiques and vintage stores
Signature Piece: Louis Vuitton handbag

IMG_7649Name: Qasim Younis
Course: Politics and International Relations
Fashion Icon: Eddie Redmayne
Favourite Shops: River Island and H&M
Signature Piece: A nice shirt

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