5 Secret Santa gifts for £10

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There’s no denying that buying gifts can be a bit of a bauble-ache (sorry). Pooling together with a group of friends can alleviate a lot of the financial stress of gift shopping, by anonymously pulling one person’s name out of a hat, and buying a gift only for them. The Law of Sod dictates, however, that you will always end up with the trickiest person to buy for. Here are 10 gift ideas for £10 tailored to please even the pickiest of people.

  • The Baker

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a housemate or friend who can bake, why not encourage their talent (and reap the rewards). This ferris wheel cupcake stand from Wilko is bang-on £10, and is a unique way for your friend to display their creations – before you eat them…



  • The Writer
not on the highstreet

Whether the lucky recipient is a budding journalist (hint hint), a keen creative writer, or just an avid note-maker in lectures, a good quality notebook will always come in handy for them. Notonthehighstreet has a fantastic range, and this particular notebook can have your friend’s name printed on the front for a personal touch. Plus, it’s only £9.95!


  • The Traveller

Whether they travelled the world on their gap year, or have exciting holiday plans for the holidays, or after graduation, scratch-maps are perfect mementos of time spent abroad. This world map from Ebay is covered in gold foil, which can be scratched off with a coin to reveal all the countries visited by your friend…

The map is a bargain at £4.13, so for £4.99 why not buy a passport cover, also on Ebay, to go with it?

  • The Interior Designer


Some people are able to make even the starkest student room look stylish. These light up letters from Hobbycraft are £10 each, and while they require assembling, this enables them to be personalised with patterned paper or paint.

  • The Hipster

We all have that one friend who uses their time at university to experiment with new and ‘quirky’ looks. If they have recently blessed their face with a beard, then this beard wash from LUSH is a perfect gift. ‘Kalamazoo’ isn’t just for the bushy faced amongst us, but the almond and jojoba oils and cupuaçu butter are especially good at moisturising facial hair.

At £6.75 for a tub, you could take the budget to £10.74 with this beard comb from Ebay.

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