Make it Worth Every Penny

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Being skint seems to be one of the perpetual blues that comes with being a student. Whether you’re walking down supermarket aisles reaching for the value brand or scouring the internet for discount codes, you know there are times when cheaper is better. When it comes to clothing however, this obviously isn’t always the case.

With winter clothes in particular, it’s always better investing in quality. This ensures a longer lasting piece you can revisit every year, and you’ll definitely feel the difference when you’re wrapped up warm in a winter coat rather than shivering because you’d rather save a bit of extra cash.

I’m a strong believer that ‘love trumps all.’ If you really love that pair of boots you’re longing for and you know you’ll get your moneys worth, why not go for it? Being a student may mean scrimping and saving, but often there comes a time when you have to allow yourself to splash out. Perhaps you can consider it a treat after handing in that piece of coursework you worked so hard on!

I think everyone has that favourite pair of jeans you just cant get enough of, and most likely a jumper too. These can be worn throughout the majority of the year, and as styles change they remain wardrobe staples, meaning you can really get your moneys worth. No one will notice when you show up to lectures wearing the same pair of jeans three days in a row. I can guarantee that there will come a point in the year when everyone will do the same! Investing in a good, high quality pair can prevent bunching knees on your skinnies and the general wear and tear that comes quickly with cheaper pairs.

Bags can often be pricey, but are an essential when it comes to carting your heavy text books and laptop across campus. Of course, as a student, no one is expecting you to show up with a Louis Vuitton, but even lower end brands on the high street can end up making you wince a little when you look at the price tag, especially if you’d rather something like a leather satchel over a simple rucksack. The good thing about bags is that, if well looked after, they will last you a long time. Pick one you love, big enough for whatever you might need, and you’ll be set! Whether you go for a bright stand out piece or something that goes with anything, let it become your wardrobe staple and you’ll never feel the need to let it go!

Invest in what you love, and it will love you back. Don’t be afraid to part with your money if you’re getting something of great quality and plenty of use in return. Alternatively, with December fast approaching, maybe it would be worth noting a few of your favourite items down on your Christmas list and crossing your fingers?! As always though, shop savvy! Make use of Unidays online or your Purple card instore to grab a quick discount on what you can. After all, the more you spend, the more you save!

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