Style Trials – Faux Fur

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Faux fur is a timeless and classic trend that oozes sophistication, warmth and fashion – which is why it is this issue’s style on trial. Also, as a huge fan of Emma Roberts’ on and off screen fashion sense, I was very excited to experiment with a style that she pulls off so effortlessly. (If you haven’t seen Scream Queens yet, watch it for the fashion alone! Emma Roberts’ character Chanel has a wardrobe to die for.)

Being quite a glamorous style, I was expecting faux fur items to be expensive. However, rocking this look is surprisingly viable on a budget, especially as faux fur items are available in student-purse-friendly shops such as New Look and River Island.

A possible limitation of faux fur though, involves difficulties in washing. Often faux fur accessories, coats, and jumpers are specified as dry-clean or hand wash only, which could prove to be inconvenient or costly. I recommend that you read the label before you buy, and always air on the side of caution when washing your faux fur items.

Simple yet effective, the easiest way to integrate faux fur into your wardrobe is by wearing it as an accessory, such as mittens, a scarf or a hat. Teamed together with chunky knits and a warm coat, this makes the perfect outdoorsy winter look that ties together your outfit for any occasion – casual or smart.

Faux fur is not just limited to accessories! So many amazing statement pieces like faux fur coats and jumpers are gracing the runways, television screens, and highstreet shops alike. When wearing a large faux fur item such as a coat or jumper, this works best as the outfit’s central piece, so limit the faux fur to just this one item to avoid overcrowding your look.

I have found faux fur to be an extremely versatile trend that can be fun as well as glamorous. If you’re unsure about a completely faux fur item, perhaps try a coat with a faux fur hood or collar, or a hat with a faux fur bobble. This will help to make your look more dressed down and casual. For a commitment free take on the trend, attachable faux fur pompoms come in all colors and sizes to customize your handbag, purse or keys. Also, colored faux fur adds a fun and individual touch that help to carry this style on into spring.

THE VERDICT: Fun, glamorous, warm, and versatile; faux fur is an essential to any wardrobe.

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