Single Review: ‘Heart’ by Delamere

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Delamere, a Manchester-based Indie Electronic band, have been accredited with producing “stadium sized choruses” whilst retaining “a sleek pop sensibility” – but does this come across in their new single ‘Heart’? Well, it’s certainly interesting.

The track begins with some very acoustic drums and stick clicks; this is followed by a loose riff from the lead that is beefed up by corrugated strums from the rhythm, blaring amidst a whirl of electronic nonsense. And, I suppose, I say nonsense with a complimentary edge, because this song does properly swoon… and in a big way.

It is understated. I mean, sure, it has a rousing chorus that could fill a stadium with ease, but this doesn’t have a “pop sensibility” – that does it no justice at all. It has a strong sense of direction, sure, with its basic verse/chorus/middle 8 structure, but through this it pumps out an indie anthem about artistic longing and boasts a wonderful sense of youthful vibrance. It could well be England’s response to Imagine Dragons, but not as overly-produced and (okay, I’ll just say it) American. Oh, I can hear the keyboards clicking with complaints already…

But ‘Heart’ is different; fresh; an unadulterated collision between genres. This single has been described by the band as a “more polished” version of a previous iteration, which probably means they’ve only recently decided to add the Electronic aspects to the track, but it all works really well. It’s catchy and unpretentious and well worth a look. 8/10

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Chris Irvine


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