York spoil opening ceremony

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Friday night, and Roses 2016 was officially opened by the women’s 1st team Football match. Last year’s fixture ended 2-2, could we see a repeat of this or a win for the home team? York play in the league above Lancaster and have been promoted, whilst Lancaster had finished bottom of their division. You could even say the writing was on the wall for them…

The first half kicked off with both teams looking promising. Lancaster took the first shot of the game, but it fell a metre wide of the post. York were having none of this and caused all sorts of problems for Lancaster over the following 90 minutes. York had a number of solid chances in the first half, with two free kicks from promising positions going wide and a number of excellent saves from Lancaster’s keeper, Demi Rabette. Following a rejected penalty call, York finally managed to get their goal in the final minutes of the first half.

Lancaster came out all guns blazing for the second half, but thirty seconds in, York scored their second goal, taking the score to 2-0. This fired the game up, and a distinct increase in tempo followed, both on the pitch and in the crowds. Ten minutes later and York took it to 3-0 off the back of some scrappy defending from Lancaster’s part. This is where things sadly began to rapidly unravel for the home team, with York scoring a delightful goal, straight to the top of the net shortly after. This, coupled with the arrival of what can only be described as a “super sub” for York, who over the remaining course of the game netted herself a hat trick, took the final score to 7-0.

Despite the disappointing score line for the home side, the crowd was certainly in good spirits and a decent defensive performance was put on, despite the score. Were York deserving winners? Yes. Was the 7-0 score line deserved? Definitely not.

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